Web Developer

Highly motivated frontend web developer committed to building clean, efficient and performant websites and applications.

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Technical skills

  • Languages: JavaScript, C#, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, LaTeX, Liquid, Razor
  • Build tools: Git, CLI (Bash/Zsh), Node.js, Yarn, npm, Gulp, Webpack, SSH, Netlify, Heroku, Lighthouse
  • Frameworks and libraries: Vue.js, ASP.NET, Bootstrap, Gatsby.js, Jekyll,
  • Content management systems: Umbraco, WordPress, Drupal (some familiarity)
  • Database: MySQL, JSON, Cube.js


Web development

Assistant web developer - Blueprint Design Company

Feb 2019 - present;
  • Work as assistant to the senior developer primarily within Node.js and ASP.NET infrastructures.
  • Build frontend components and interfaces utilising JavaScript, Vue.js, C#, Razor, HTML, CSS, SCSS.
  • Primarily use Umbraco for user interfaces and content management.
  • Work remotely part time with bi-monthly onsite days for project planning and liaison.

Remote web developer - clareshort.org

2016 - present
  • Rt. Hon Clare Short is the UK's former Secretary of State for International Development.
  • Developed, designed and now maintain clareshort.org as a responsive WordPress.org website.
  • In addition to ongoing maintenance and content manangement I provide technical SEO services.

Remote web developer - University of Sussex

  • Hired by the University's Digital Humanities Lab to make customisations to the Making African Connections Digital Archive.
  • Introduced several front-end refinements to make the site responsive and ensure functionality not compromised on 2G African networks.
  • Implemented backend processes to assist researchers in showcasing artefacts.

Remote web developer - Modish Living

2019 - present
  • Modish Living is a reclaimed furniture retailer located in Hove, East Sussex.
  • Implemented a redesign of their Shopify site and introduced, several custom features that were lacking in previous iterations of the site, including:

    • a graphical page builder to allow content managers to easily add content blocks and contral layout and placement
    • a custom 'mega navigation' that enabled in-menu promotions
    • the introduction of a 3D product image rotator
    • streamlining the aggregration and compression of high-resolution product-images with modern pipeline
  • I now maintain the site on a retainer basis.

Remote web developer - Colour Me KT

2019 - present
  • Refurbished/upscaled furniture store with Shopify e-commerce site.
  • Managed the domain migration from Etsy/Facebook to a dedicated Shopify store that integrates the different product lines and selling channels
  • Made numerous front end alterations to the site and built new templates for curated blog and product content.
  • Conducted a detailed technical SEO audit of the site, implementing the recommendations myself
  • I now maintain the site on a retainer basis


Technical SEO analyst - RocketMill

2017 - 2018
  • Managed several client accounts as chief SEO manager: Dropbox, Financial Times, Kimberley Clark.
  • Through regular technical auditing, competitor and link analyses, forecasting and data review I was able to help clients solve technical search issues and drive market performance.

SEO analyst - Oban International

  • Joined Oban as a developer with limited SEO experience. Underwent six-month training programme to assimilate the core principles and procedures of SEO, with a specific focus on international markets and technologies.
  • Contributed to the SEO management of a range of client accounts including the BBC World Service, Camper, and AXA Healthcare Insurance.
  • Learned how search engines and ranking algorithms work outside of the Google sphere, i.e Yandax, Baidu, Naver etc.


  • Qualified as a primary school teacher in 2012. Passed professional induction in 2013.
  • Worked as a teacher in a number of schools throughout South London, mainly teaching Years 4 and 5.


Postgraduate Certificate of Education

Middlesex University, 2011-12

B.A Philosophy

University of Warwick, 2006-09

Graduated 2:1