Hi, I'm Thomas

I’m a software engineer from London living in Aberdeen. I work for Arria, an AI company that provides solutions using natural language generation.

I work with JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular and React. I enjoy learning new technologies and writing about my progress as a self-taught developer.



Sine Qua Non

Node.js, Webpack and Gulp-based boilerplate used as a foundation for static sites and simple applications.



My professional website and blog built with Gatsby.js, GraphQL and styled-components.


Coding activity this month

Data is live and sourced from the WakaTime API.

Other projects

A React web application which enables hospital procurement administrators to calculate the total unit and running costs of a specific model of oxygen ventilator accross the seven-year lifecycle of the device.

A JavaScript web application which allows patients using a range of at-home ventilators to accurately titrate their oxygen intake in line with their physician's recommendations and medical requirements.

Environment for developing my understanding of React.js and experimenting with new features.

Environment for learning and practising routine operations in Angular.


JavaScript Debugging Crash Course


If you prefer not to send details via the form, you can contact me at tactonbishop[at]gmail.com