Hi, I'm Thomas

I’m a web developer from the UK.

I work as a frontend developer for a graphic design agency and sometimes take freelance commissions. I work primarily with modern ES6+ JavaScript, TypeScript and React. I enjoy learning new technologies and aspire to become a full-stack developer.


Code Stats

An interactive dashboard built with React.js that hooks into my IDE records my coding activity over time.


My professional website and blog built with Gatsby.js and GraphQL. I also create the vector illustrations.

Sine Qua Non

A Node.js, Webpack and Gulp-based boilerplate which I use as a foundation for static sites and simple applications.


Thomas's React Learning Lab

An environment for developing my understanding of React.js and experimenting with new features.


University of Sussex

I was hired by the University of Sussex's Digital Humanities Lab to customise the Making African Connections Digital Archive, an AHRC-funded research project. This involved frontend alterations and the creation of several backend processes designed to assist the researchers in managing content. I primarily worked with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript.

Rt Hon. Clare Short

Clare Short Clare Short is Britain's former Secretary of State for International Development. In addition to various shadow and cabinet positions she served as MP for Birmingham Ladywood for 27 years. I was hired by Clare to rebuild her professional website from a static legacy site to a modern site backed with WordPress.org.

Nuance Communications

Nuance are one of the world’s leading developers of AI-driven speech-recognition technology. I worked with Nuance to produce landing pages and other web content for marketing campaigns. This involved refactoring the existing frontend code and using JavaScript to automate page behaviour on the basis of date/time and tracking codes contained within the inbound marketing URLs. I also built and tested new HTML email templates, ensuring compatibility across all email clients.

Modish Living

Modish Living is a reclaimed and refurbished furniture company located in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. I redeveloped their Shopify site, introducing a new theme and incorporating numerous bespoke features. When working on the site I utilised Shopify's ThemeKit SDK, the Liquid templating language, JavaScript, HTML and SCSS.

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If you prefer not to send details via the form, you can contact me at tactonbishop[at]gmail.com